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Nationwide Rebranding and Sign Replacement Surveys

What We Do

Reimage America is a full service survey and signage company, available nationwide, that performs any type of field surveys, from simple photo layout to technical surveys for face replacements. We also render scale, floor, and ceiling plans in AutoCAD for designers to lay in new walls and fixtures.

Using field technicians located in key cities across the U.S. and Canada, we complete site surveys within your timeframe. Reimage America can mobilize our survey team to accomplish hundreds to thousands of locations in just a few weeks.

Each survey is delivered to you as an organized report with meaningful photos and field data.

Check out our survey samples to see how Reimage America can customize a site survey program for you.

The advantage of using a corporate signage company is that a single source can manage and carry out documentation, particularly on large-scale national programs, simplifying the process, versus making numerous phone calls to different contacts and expending unnecessary energy.

Whatever your project needs, contact Reimage America today to discuss details, timelines, and obtain a reasonable quote.


About Us

Reimage America is a full-service survey company that performs field surveys, from simple photo layouts to a technical survey for face replacements. we have extensive experience in assisting a wide range of clients; corporate sign companies to architectural signage companies.

Originally based out of a 900 sq. foot home office, Reimage America has expanded into new corporate headquarters in Shelbyville, TN in order to better serve our clients. We have Field Surveyor Technicians located throughout the U.S. and Canada with decades of combined experience in the sign systems industry. Our knowledgeable IT department is capable of customizing electronic formats to meet our clients’ demands.

Reimage America does not pursue any business with the end users, as we feel this would be a conflict between our company and our clients. This coinciding with our mission to:

  • Provide our clients the ability to outsource all their survey needs, thus saving the high costs of in-house manpower.
  • Provide the kinetics necessary to form a partnership offering the data they need to make every project run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Handle all projects with the utmost discretion, confidence and, above all, integrity.



Signage Surveys

As part of any rebranding effort the first step is identifying what assets are in the field. Reimage America is an expert in documenting all signage on a site. These can be customized to your unique needs and we understand a number of industries may have different key items that need to be identified. A typical survey will include:

  • Site plans identifying location of signs
  • Digital photos of all existing signs and buildings, including the surrounding area
  • Signage dimensions and conditions
  • Elevation measurements

In addition we can provide code check information from the city so you know ahead of time what is allowed.

All of this is presented in an easy to follow document that walks you through the site from outside to inside as if you were there yourself.


Lighting Surveys and Audits

Reimage America has the ability to perform complete lighting audit surveys of your facilities, from simple lighting condition surveys to advanced surveys to ensure your facility is meeting legal requirements. This includes areas such as ATMs and parking lots for the safety of your customer base.

These assessments can be done on-call or as part of a schedule program, and all documentation is available to you for record keeping of the security process you have in place.


Branding Compliance Surveys

For companies with multiple locations, ensuring that your brand is being displayed in the proper manner is a difficult process. This is especially true the more removed you are from a centrally controlled branding program. Our team can perform an audit of your sites branded elements to ensure:

  • The proper brand elements are being used in the correct manner
  • All branded elements and the building are free from damage or filth
  • All illuminated elements are properly lighting
  • No non-brand compliant items exist on your site
  • Identify areas that are opportunities to increase your brand on-site

In addition we can provide code check information from the city so you know ahead of time what is allowed.

All of this is presented in an easy to follow document that walks you through the site from outside to inside as if you were there yourself.


Space Audits

Using our professional survey team, Reimage America can survey any unique fixture that you have at your sites. Whether it is computers, furniture, menu boards, display fixtures or room identifiers our staff is the perfect solution to visit your site and provide accurate counts and condition assessments.

All audit surveys can be customized to meet your needs on an agreed upon format and can include:

  • Digital photos
  • Dimensions
  • Locations
  • Inventory Tag Numbers

Any other unique characteristic we need to capture. Once your program is developed our surveys are trained and deployed to ensure consistent information for each location so you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

Sample Surveys

Coverage Map

When you have a project that covers a region or a national program, Reimage America is able to mobilize our survey team to accomplish hundreds or even thousands of locations in just a few weeks.


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