What We Do

Businesses change their image for a variety of reasons - a name change, an updated design, a merger or buyout by another company. Whatever the reason, the existing signage and the building's available sign areas must be measured and photographed to provide the necessary documentation for new signs to be manufactured. Offices and salesfloor areas are evaluated to reflect the re-design.

Having a single source to manage and carry out this documentation, particularly on largescale national programs, can greatly simplify the process versus making perhaps hundreds of phone calls to many different contacts.

Reimage America is the one source that can solve the logistical and practical steps for site and sign surveys on national sign programs.

Reimage America is a full service survey company that performs any type of field surveys, from simple photo layout to a technical survey for face replacements. We can also render scale floor and ceiling plans in AutoCAD for designers to lay in new walls and fixtures.

Using our field technicians located in key cities across the U.S. and Canada, we can accomplish site surveys within your timeframe. Each survey is delivered to you as an organized report with meaningful photos and field data.

Whatever your project needs, call Reimage America today to discuss details, timelines, and obtain a reasonable quote.